URGENT UPDATE: CISA is on the Senate floor for the final vote, take action now!

Ja, gott folk! Det är inte bara USA detta handlar om utan om hela världen i stort sett och framförallt för oss i EU!! Då TTIP också finns på dagordningen och när politiker skiter i vad folk tycker!! Detta blir den totala övervakningen utan någon hänsyn till någon, inte till företagen eller för dig som privatperson. Detta är det värsta scenario någonsin och vilka pushar på utav helvete? Gissa!

Visst är internet underbart idag! Det blir bara värre för varje dag som går. Syftet med internet idag är ju solklart, ÖVERVAKNING och KONTROLL över folk och fä!! Men också den grova brottsligheten kommer också att öka!!

Dear FFTF member,
This is the week. Congress is about to create a seismic rupture in the Internet.

CISA is coming up for final vote sometime today or tomorrow. If it passes, we’ll be more vulnerable to hacks as companies shift responsibility for preventing them away to the government. Companies will continue to leave the door open for thieves to get your information, including your bank information and Social Security number. On top of that, all your data will be automatically shared with 7 government agencies, including the NSA and local police.
They’re trying to ignore that millions of people have already called on Congress to stop CISA. And, that they have no business passing it.

This week, we have to show them again.
The other side wants us to get sick of taking action. They want to wear us down until we give up. We can’t give up at this final juncture. The Intelligence Committee, full of the Congresspeople who take the most money from the Defense Industry, is hell bent on passing a “cybersecurity” bill in some form. They don’t care what it does or says, even if it means creating more vulnerabilities across the Internet and breaking it.

This is corruption. The Defense industry cares about profit as much as the next industry. But, their pockets are very, very deep. They’ve bought out politicians to do their bidding. That’s why it’s convenient that Congress doesn’t understand the Internet and doesn’t know how to address cyber hacks.

Instead of making sure companies use good security, Congress is convinced they should install a massive surveillance law to watch for hacks. Even security experts have roundly condemned the bill for its ineffectiveness, but Congress is so corrupted they don’t care or don’t understand that it won’t work.

That’s why they need to hear how inept they are, or they’ll never stop. If thousands of you rally and tell them to stop their corrupt bill CISA now, we can stop it and set a precedent for the future. Take action now.
Just a few month ago, things were looking really grim. It seemed almost certain that CISA would pass, but since then we’ve unleashed a huge can of whoopass and our campaigns have led to nearly every major tech company in the U.S. speaking out to oppose this bill. Trade groups that represent Google, Facebook, Amazon, Sprint have come out against CISA. Twitter, Yelp, Wikipedia came out opposed too, thanks to you and all the grassroots pressure.

We’ve done all this work because surveillance is the defining issue in our digital age.
We’re in a moment when our data and privacy have become currency. Governments and corporations are fighting over what to do with it, how to pass laws that let them reap profit and power off of it, even when it’s abusive, criminal, or unconstitutional.

We have to make the line in the sand clear. Our data must be protected and can’t be used against us. That’s what we’re demanding by stopping CISA, and that’s what we have to keep fighting for. Thanks for all you do,

Tiff, Jeff, Evan, Donny, Charlie, and the rest of the team at Fight for the Future

Member of The Internet Defense League

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