Den sorgliga historien om MGM:s lejon

Det är inte många som vet om det här om filmbolaget “Metro Goldwyn Mayer” om deras intron till alla sina filmer där vi får se lejon som ryter. Några har dom varit under årens lopp. Det är fruktansvärt hur dom har behandlat dessa lejon som också gick att beskåda i Las Vegas där MGM har hotell och kasinon.

Hur fick dom då lejonen till att ryta som dom gjorde?

MGM Logo History


Our MGM Logo is an historic and iconic branding with a rich history
dating back to the earliest days of Hollywood. Its evolutionary journey
through the past 93 years echoes that of the significant creative and
technological advancements of the film making craft itself, while never
straying far from its initial design and concept. A history that must be
preserved for future generations of movie lovers, as well as for current
and future MGM Employees to take pride in.

The logo was first designed for Goldwyn Pictures Corporation, in 1916.
Howard Deitz, a Publicity Executive, chose to use a lion as the studio’s
mascot, paying tribute to his alma mater, Columbia University. The
inspiration was the school’s fight song “Roar, Lion, Roar”. Mr. Deitz is
also credited for writing our motto “Ars Gratia Artis”, Latin meaning
“Art for Art’s Sake”. “Slats” was the first lion used on Goldwyn
Pictures logo from 1917 until 1924, first appearing on the 1917 release
“Polly of the Circus”.

As “The Golden Age Of Hollywood” emerged, our third lion was
introduced, “Tanner” in 1934. He would have the second longest
reign, lasting 22 years. Often described as the most “angry” lion,
“Tanner” snarled more then any of the others. In 1934, as MGM began
producing full three-strip Technicolor films, the logo was modified for
color. “Tanner” first appeared before “Happy Harmonies”, starting in
1934, while his first feature film was “Sweethearts” in 1938. He was
used on all MGM Technicolor films from 1934-1956, as well as our
cartoons, on and off, from 1938–1967.

Resten finns att läsa om lejonen som har använts.

Wikipedia – MGM:s lejon genom åren

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