540 Million Facebook User Data Leaked

Jag skulle ALDRIG någonsin lägga upp något i ett moln och dom som gör det får skylla sig själva om molnet läcker eller blir hackat. Ännu mer förvånande är att företag lägger upp känsliga uppgifter är ju som att be om att få dom stulna.

April 5, 2019

Details of More Than 540 Million Facebook Users Leaked on Easily Accessible Amazon Cloud Storage
The details of over 540 million Facebook users have been stored on an open and easy-accessible Amazon Cloud Storage server for months, reported multiple high-profile media outlets quoting a blog post published by a cyber-security research team based in Northern California. Roughly 150gb of data containing information such as ID numbers, and Facebook activity that includes comments, reactions and even account names gathered by a Mexico-based company named Cultura Colectiva, has been available for download by anyone who could find the files.

The database was taken down days after Bloomberg flagged the issue to Facebook. The cyber-security researchers brought it to the attention of Cultura Colectiva and Amazon, but both companies ignored their attempts for months. In a statement to Reuters, Facebook said that their “policies prohibit storing Facebook information in a public database” and reacted relatively quick in taking down the files. However, it is believed that the data have been sitting there for months and it is unknown how many times has been downloaded and who currently have access to it – a copy of the data may still be available somewhere on the internet.

In a comment to Reuters, Cultura Colectiva spokesperson said that “neither sensitive nor private data, like emails or passwords, were amongst” the details stored on the Amazon servers. They said that they’ve never had access to sensitive and personal information such as SSN, addresses, and drivers license numbers and the information that was in the data stored on Amazon was public anyway. However, they admitted that such data could be misused by third parties and they did not secure the data even though they knew that storing Facebook information on public databases is against the policies of the biggest social media network.

Panda – 540 Million Facebook User Data Leaked

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